• Image of The Fens CD + Tshirt Bundle by Segal

The Fens album on CD plus an exclusive tshirt featuring a chap riding a combine harverster shouting Segal. Standard.

Segal is Matt Simpson, a 27 year old producer living in suburban London.

He grew up in rural Lincolnshire, which is where he made his first steps towards making music. The Fens is his debut album. Some of the tracks that made the record are more than 6 years old, and some are very recent. The album was written on a laptop, mainly in London, but the tracks all evoke some aspect of its setting...the big skies, the empty roads, the panorama.

The sound of distant church bells and fighter jets. You could say The Fens is the sound of someone somewhere unfamiliar dreaming of the place they belong.

Segal is writing about the myth and mystery of that environment, and the power that myth holds over him.

X-large and medium bundles are all sold out, only a few of the other sizes left.