• Image of there...? Cassette E.P. by hyperturf

Hyperturf is Jarrett Goldberg. Jarrett played bass in a surf rock shoe gaze band called Parlormint. They played for about a year up until they opened a show for a band called DIIV. After that show they realized they wanted to do their own thing.

Jarrett's thing was psychedelic music.

There...? is about losing connection with the people around you while entering deeper and deeper into your own mind up until you reach there... the furthest point you are willing to go before you're ready to turn back.

Hyperturf's following release, planned to be an LP, will start with the idea of isolation and lead you to togetherness...it will promote balance (the key to happiness) in a very subtle way.

There...? will be released on limited cassette on June 23rd.